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The KAI Family is made up of dreamers, creators, adventurers: all those that look to get more out of life than what we've been told to expect. Those that believe an all natural approach to better health makes more sense than harmful opioids & big pharma pills. 


By ordering KAI products you're prioritizing yourself & your well being, & we'd love to share your story! Write us to potentially become a KAI Ambassador, and spread the gift of all natural well being to those you love!

KAI Adventure Ambassadors

If ever there was a group of people who needed CBD to help ease sore muscles & improve recovery, it's these adrenaline junkies! Rock climbers, sky divers, & all around adventure seekers!These are the people we wish we were as cool & daring as- the kind of people who inspire us to do one thing every day that scares us! We love their passion for life, & are honored have them a part of the KAI family!

Azrael Renee

Azrael is redefining what it means to be an influencer. An indigenous athlete & creative, she inspires thousands around the globe to chase their dreams, & reminds us no obstacle is too big to overcome. One day she's drinking blood as the only woman partaking in a tribal ceremony in remote Africa, the next jumping out of a plane or off a cliff. In her words, "I'm Azrael, a former gypsy child with a passion for adventure and knowledge. I tried fitting into 'normal life' for a while. But the stars kept calling me back. Now, I travel the world to explore authentic culture and discover my next adventure."

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Sam Mauldin

The CEO of sending it. Sam was raised in Nicaragua, so he's never really known anything other than adventure. He plans SUP adventures down rivers no one has ever attempted, climbs 1,000 ft cliffs in Mexico for vacation, & knows that an adventure only truly begins when things start going wrong. He's a long time friend of the KAI Family, & is always pushing us to keep chasing adventures near & far and to always live in the present. Follow him to remind yourself to push your limits, & do something every day that scares you!

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As lovers of the ocean, we refuse to add to the constantly growing sea of plastic garbage that will last for centuries to come. We are putting the planet first, & partnering with inspiring individuals around the globe who not only love the ocean, but fight to protect it.

KAI Ocean Ambassadors

Lauren Landers

Lauren is a freediver, ocean advocate, & Caribbean captain! She  splits her time between The Bahamas & Florida, & you can find her most days in her office: either deep below the surface diving with sharks or at the helm sailing!

Katie Pentz

Katie is a self proclaimed "Manatee in a Human Body," We're not sure if she actually needs to breathe air, or if she just does it to blend in with the rest of us, but either way we're honored to have this mermaid on our team!

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Charnette Batey

You know those times we all go through- the times when we've just lost our motivation, our connection with our true self? Well Charnette is the person who not only helps you find that light, but reminds you what an amazing person you truly are! A yoga teacher focused on guiding you inward, we're not only honored to have her as an ambassador, we're just grateful people like her exist to help the rest of us!

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Nina Camille

In short, Nina helps others live their truth. Through yoga, coaching, mentorship & group retreats, Nina allows others to find what they're passionate about in life and ultimately live a fuller life.

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Sally Rubin

A 500hr E-RYT originally from Vancouver, Canada now traveling the world teaching, exploring and evolving. Sally's classes will leave you mentally clear and physically stronger. She's brought healing & strength to students in Nicaragua, Bali, Vancouver & more!

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Kelli Farris

Yoga teacher with a big heart & a big love for fitness, travel, nature & motivating others to be their best. We love Kelli whether we're in her class, or off on an amazing retreat with her!

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Rachel Wainwright

Yoga teacher. Empath. Jungle dancer. Rachel does it all. Her yoga retreats through her company Exhale Yoga are internationally renowned, and her goal to enhance the lives of others by spreading love & authentic connections has changed the lives of countless souls around the globe.

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KAI Yoga Ambassadors

Our first & foremost goal at KAI is to improve the overall wellness of all who take our products.

With a goal like that, what better pair could there be than yoga? Our ambassadors have dedicated their lives to enriching & enhancing the lives of others they work with, & use KAI to help them achieve that goal.

KAI Fitness Ambassadors

KAI cbd is a tool to help you achieve better wellness. Our fitness ambassadors have made it their calling to help you achieve the same goal, by improving your fitness, both physically, mentally & emotionally!

Genevieve Nutting-Howarth

Previously Miss Idaho, currently all around badass! When Gen isn't pumping us up & teaching cycling classes at CycleBar or getting her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, she's out creating women's empowerment communities like with the incredible WOMENESS COMMUNITY. And if she must be told to slow down & relax, you can find her out on the trail exploring this beautiful world. 

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Katey Lantsberger

Katey's IG profile starts like this:

cat + dog mama | beer lover | fitness

So basically the coolest person to hang out with ever! She is the ray of sunshine you need on your feed & will inspire you to become your best self.

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Aspen Cheyenne

Aspen is like a cross between a gym super hero & Rachel Ray. She smiles & somehow looks cool as she out squats you in the gym, then she goes home and casually whips up a meal from scratch that will have you drooling. But she's not holding out on us: she has all the experience & knowledge to help you achieve your fitness & health goals, and loves doing it! If there's anyone who can get you looking and feeling your best, and teach you how to make bomb shrimp tacos, it's this Colorado girl!

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Lindsay Marquino

Profesional dancer, dog mom, mountain climber & more- the world is Lindsay's gym, & we love following along on her adventures! If you need to find her look up, cause she's likely on a trail with her pup high in the Colorado Rockies! 

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KAI Travel Ambassadors

This group of adventurers are always chasing the sunset. To them, there is nothing more exciting then being immersed in a new & exotic culture, & the upside is we get to tag a long for the ride. But it's not easy constantly being on the go: that many miles in planes, trains, boats & even rickshaws leaves your body beat: that's where we come in. You all keep wandering- we'll help keep you pain free. 

Rebecca Hollman

If you like seeing an awesome human doing awesome things, follow her! She is an unreal talented photographer who gives you a genuine look into what it's like to travel the globe & experience new & exciting cultures. In her words, "my life goal is to see every square inch of Earth. Impossible? Probably, but dang it am I going to try." You don't stop trying Bebs, & we won't stop tagging along for the ride!

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Erika del Toro

Erika, in her own words, is "head over heels for solo adventuring, meeting new people (& animals), and wearing down shoes while treading this beautiful planet! After a lifetime of trying to convince others to travel with me, I finally began my journey in solo traveling & I’ll never look back! I hope my stories create a spark of inspiration in you, to plan some adventures, big or small! Let’s get wander-fully lost!"

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