Turn your bath into a spa experience with our luxury bath bombs! Made with 50mg of full spectrum cbd from our family farm to reduce soreness & stress, healing essential oils, coconut oil & epsom salt to exfoliate and soften skin. Get the benefits of a spa experience for a fraction of the price from the comfort of your home!


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  • Pick the right KAI Bomb for you:

    • HEAL: Made with fresh orange zested into the bomb, you'll relieve anxiety, boost your immune system & fight inflammation. 
    • RELAX: Made with real eucalyptus, you'll boost your respiratory system & fight off colds, relieve pain, minimize stress & reduce inflammation.
    • SOOTHE: Made with fresh lavender flowers in every bomb, you'll soothe your nervous system, ease headaches & improve sleep.

    14.99 per bomb, or save over 30% & buy the KAI Bomb Package!